Why do you have to make me cry to be good?
— @sapphirealena

How do you know when a book is good? For me, it’s when I am invested so much in the characters and storyline that I bawl during highly emotional scenes. 

Last night, though, I had to find out what happened to the characters. I read about 30K words in a few hours, emotionally wracked throughout the story. The author is a master storyteller. She not only can engage the reader emotionally, but she writes with subtle symbolism, subtext, and foreshadowing.


Thank you for writing this...
— @videosyncrazy

What you also do well with the young cast is write them maturely. Even when Penny and Lex seemed to move way too fast, or The Pack scuffled over something stupid, I felt you knew what you were doing. There was a touch of Romeo and Juliet at the end there. I'm positive you wanted us to pick up on that with Lex's line "Should I say 'I love you' from a balcony?" And as I get to the end, it's clear their romance is supposed to be deliciously tragic.


What isn’t in this book?
— @zarinlyss

The plot was gripping. It had me in the edge of my seat even before the second chapter ended. Paranormal, thriller, mystery, romance - now toss in a few jokes here and there to keep things light. What isn't in this book?

If there's anything I'm sure of is this genre bending book is certainly a pleasurable read.